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Given the current technology and information age, we have NEVER seen a time where things change in less than a split second and simultaneously through so many medians.

Adaptation and staying current is a fundamental process of evolution in today’s accelerated world, it is imperative to move at lightning speed.

dAb is adapting to this ever changing environment. We invest in research, technologies and the latest trends so you don’t have to.

We sleep, eat and breathe Digital. It is in our DNA.




True presence is created by the undeniable ability to brand one’s self or one’s organization in order to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Our heritage in this space means we understand the shifting sands better than most. It is essential that a business’s creative product always remain compelling, and that is one our many areas of expertise at dAb.


Marketing is at the pulse of any fast growing organization. We will reach out to key influencers in all walks of life, “surprise and delight” them with mind bending experiences through our campaigns, promoting advocacy amongst key groups ensuring your brand flies like the wind.

Reputation Management

Virality in this new digital age is shifting daily; It is becoming harder and harder to stay ahead of the game without a distinct competitive advantage. Your online reputation is the main vein of the lifeblood of your business. It is primordial you keep your finger on the pulse of what is being expressed about you and your organization in the digital ethers. By leveraging strong relationships with countless partners, we we help you by placing content exactly where it needs to be during a critical incubation period. Getting this right is the difference between a few thousand views and a few million.

Web Applications

We create systems; systems to make you and your user’s lives simple yet dynamic and a whole lot more fun in the process. We create stunning web applications that connect your internal and/or external business processes like never before, while consistently amplifying your company’s ROI (Return On Investment).

Mobile Applications

The world has evolved and so has how we interact with our surroundings. Mobile applications have become one of the fastest growing touch points of information between people and the digital spectrum. Keeping this digital tornado in mind, we help you spread and instill your message in the hearts of those across all borders, in the online world. Let the games begin!

2D & 3D Mediums

Digital designs are becoming prolific in the digital age and there is no room for mediocrity. We pride ourselves in having one of the best CGI teams that will awe and inspire you, making you jump off of your seat with what they can deliver. Planning to play with some characters and create impactful stories that further your business and cause? Let us know, we’re ready to create.

360 Production

We believe that visual stories create lasting impact. Through documentaries, TVC’s, short films, and movies, we can create your story in the right way, with a powerful purpose. Let us take you on that journey.

Consulting &
Trend Analysis

We invest in research, technology, and the latest trends so that you don't have to. If your business is ready for growth or restructuring, our innovative system looks deep into your organization to give amazing perspectives, gearing your business for the next level shift.





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Raxa Muhammad





This brilliant “workout”-a-holic and founder of dAb has a knack for creating things. Not just things but big things. He has an uncanny ability of creating things and ideas from the top of his head, directly from scratch. His creative process and vision for both life and dAb goes into a new direction recreating this age old wheel most seem to be stuck on.
This Digital Frontiersman is reshaping the way we view things online.



This serial entrepreneur and founder of dAb is always ready to invest in new ideas. Books are his first and last love; he would have married one If only it were legal (Sorry Girls!).
Being a history and knowledge buff, he is always either recreating history or trying to create the future.This Digital World Engineer truly believes in making the world a better place

Caroline Park

Chief Marketing Officer

Scaled 3 companies to exit.Worked with Fortune 500 firms on national and international campaigns with $20 million - $100 million+ budgets.Senior digital marketer and growth consultant specializing in growth, global scaling and exits of tech and ecommerce companies.


Head of Growth

Media buying and marketing genius who loves data. He has scaled a jewelry store to 8 figures on Shopify and helped multiple businesses scale 7 figures including a couple of amazon stores. His latest interest is in NFT marketing space



Big things come in small packages. This language Ninja knows 5 languages and knows how to break through any barrier of communication with her quick reflexes and her battle philosophies. She takes up projects, owns them, surprises the clients with her quiet strategy and wraps up whole thing before deadline. She may act almost as if nothing has happened but behind that pretty smile and good posture is a quiet ninja that will surpass expectations.

Alina Keo

Cyber Protectionalist

This savy security and IT expert will astonish you with his presence and power to understand complex systems. When he is not coaching others on Personal Development he is rocking the online world with his digital compass.
This cyber warrior will leave you with you jaw open with abilities to see what most do not.

Adil Ali

The Wizard

He is the wizard in web development, having immense hands-on experience taking charge of front and back-end web development. He has worked in diverse business domains, from corporate services, restaurants to eCommerce. He is a hardworking collaborator with a track record of superior results.



We have also named him JOAT, which means Jack of all… well, you dare tell him he is not a master and he’d prove you wrong. This diverse artist spans across the digital spectrum with an incredible knowledge base and experience. A man of few words who lets his work do the talking. For this Digital warrior, calling his a problem solver is just scratching the surface.


Design Diva

What if we tell you his work is more handsome than his face? Would you believe us? There is hell of a lot more than what meets the eye, the detail is in the eye of the beholder. In his case, not a single detail is left unfinished. A dedicated talented designer whose passion is to make this world a beautiful place through his innovative creative work.

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